Planning for Life and Beyond

At sometime in our lives, most of us have said, "If only I had..."  We all can fill in the blank with many things from, "If only I had said something" to "If only I had planned."  Most of us would have done it if we thought of it, but we did not.

This section of our site will help you think about some of the activities necessary to Plan for Your Life and Beyond.

"If only I had...Saved."

Money is always important, in what you do today as well as what you plan to do tomorrow.  Financial Planning need not be difficult.  The smallest amount can grow with the help of compound interest and a little planning.  Financial Planning provides the means to live as you desire and make arrangements for beyond.

"If only I had...A Will."

Estate Planning helps ensure your wishes are realized.  A Will is one part of estate planning.  Did you know that you hav a Will?  Yes, even you have a Will.  There are two types of Wills.  One type is where you decide how your possessions are distributed among your family, friends, church or charity.  The second type of Will is where the government , state law, dictates how your possessions are distributed.  What type of Will do you have?  What type of Will do you want?

"If only I had...Made it easier for my family."

Funeral Pre-Planning for yourself or a loved one helps to remove some of the emotional burden at the time of death.  At the same time, pre-planning allows your preferences and wishes to be realized.  Your family will find comfort knowing your funeral reflects your wishes.  Pre-arrangements and pre-financing are two parts of funeral pre-planning.

Pre-arrangements involve the selection of the type of funeral service, such as burial or cremation, as well as the type of funeral merchandise you desire.  A contract with your funeral director to deliver your wishes is completed and the funeral expenses are planned for in advance.

Pre-financing, paying for the pre-arrangements, is made in a lump sum or in installments.  Pre-financing allows you to purchase at toady's price, tomorrow's funeral and relieves your family of the financial burden.  There are several ways of pre-financing, some examples are:

• Death Benefit Life Insurance
• Savings Payable on Death Account
• Funeral Insurance

Funerals are very individual and personal, thus no two are exactly the same.  Discuss how you or your loved one would like to be remembered.  Your funeral director will help make the funeral unique and memorable.

"If only I had...Taken more pictures."

Pictures, tribute videos and mementos are often used to personalize a funeral or memorial service, but, you need to be in the pictures.   Are you the one who takes the picture or are you also in the picture?

"If only I had...A place nearby..."

Cemetery planning is another part of funeral pre-planning if you or your loved one prefers a burial , entombment, etc.  Cemetery planning increases the chance that the location is near other family members.  In additon, you are able to spread the financial requirements over time, thus relieving some of the financial burden on your family.

"If only I had...Known sooner."

"If only..." rules the world of the bereaved.  A lot of times that i all they can focus on.  "If only I had...not gone to work today", or "checked on the baby sooner", of "taken him to the hospital sooner", etc.  A sudden loss, or any loss, of a loved one will often bring guilt.  Guilt is one of the emotions that you experience following the death of a loved one.  It is common to feel that you could have prevented the death and normal to ask these questions.  This is part of the grief process.  Your funeral director can provide you with a Grief Facilitator and refer you to various services in the community.

JC Battle & Sons Funeral Home has a staff of Directors that can help you design a pre-planned funeral that reflects your wishes and work with you and others in our community to help you Plan for Life and Beyond.  Give us a call at (513)281-4330.